(The Sunday Times) By Dipesh Gadher and Miles Amoore – A FRIEND of the Archbishop of Canterbury has been working secretly to help to free the Nigerian schoolgirls who have been kidnapped by Boko Haram extremists.

"Elephant Whisperer" Rory Hensman

(The Sunday Times) THEIR sense of smell is one of the most powerful of any mammal. Now African elephants are being trained to sweep for landmines and detect explosives. Several years ago scientists noticed that elephants returning to Angola after the country’s civil war were avoiding minefields, leading to the theory that they knew how […]

An abandoned shop in Bekkersdal

The Sunday Times – SPORTING a bright red jump suit and his red revolutionary beret, Julius Malema arrived at the stadium in Witbank, a gritty coal mining town two hours east of Johannesburg, to wild cheers from the crowd.

The Sunday Times Bangui, Central African Republic AS THE militiamen wielding guns, knives and machetes stormed into his village, Massoudo Bichefou fled into the tall grass near his home. The rest of his family were too slow. Bichefou, 55, watched from his hiding place as armed men dragged his nine children and a grandchild in […]

(Sunday Times) By Flora Bagenal and Miles Amoore – KENYAN officials have been accused of using hit squads to eliminate suspected terrorists, following a drive-by shooting of a prominent Muslim cleric in Mombasa last week.

The Sunday Times – THE official version of how a popular Zimbabwean politician died is simple. As he drove home from a meeting about next week’s presidential election, Edward Chindori-Chininga, an MP, suddenly lost control of his silver jeep.

Dear Sir David Cameron, I have served in the British army and the British foreign office as an interpreter for five and half years. As a result, I have received death threats from the Taliban. My brother was nearly assassinated and the Taliban fired a rocket at my house as a warning. Many times insurgents […]


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