Monthly Archives: March 2010

British troops accused of handing Taliban captives to Afghan torturers

The Sunday Times By Miles Amoore and David Leppard THE British Army is facing allegations that at least 10 Taliban suspects were beaten and given electric shocks after being handed over to local security forces in Afghanistan. The Afghan detainees have told British investigators that they were also whipped with cables and suffered sleep deprivation […]

Taliban fighters being taught at secret camps in Iran

The Sunday Times THE Taliban fighters scurried up the craggy mountainside. As they neared the top, their 30-strong platoon split into three sections and they launched a ferocious assault on an enemy fort, opening fire from numerous positions. The bullets they sprayed at the fort’s mud-coloured walls were blank, however. They merely pretended to fire […]

Afghan family killed as special forces defy ban on night raids

The Sunday Times THE two helicopters swooped low over a cluster of mud homes, whirling in the cold night sky before landing in a wheat field on the edge of the small Afghan village. From his home nearby, 23-year-old Najibullah Omar strained his eyes in the darkness as he made out the faint shapes of […]