Monthly Archives: November 2011

Pakistani mortars ‘trigger deadly air strike’

The Sunday Times The US has expressed regret and offered its “deepest condolences” after 24 Pakistani soldiers who were killed in cross-border Nato air strikes were buried on Sunday, calling the attacks a “tragic unintended incident”. Pakistani troops fired mortars at American ground soldiers patrolling the Afghan border, triggering Nato air strikes, according to Afghan […]

Britain falls into step as US accelerates Afghanistan exit

The Sunday Times Britain is drawing up plans to pull its forces out of Afghanistan much sooner than had been intended after high-level indications from Washington that American troops may leave early. Sources in London and Kabul suggested last week that President Barack Obama was considering accelerating the withdrawal from Afghanistan in the run-up to […]

Documents provide fresh detail on Kabul Bank scandal

Documents obtained by The Sunday Times cast new light on how one of London’s most respected accountancy firms was hoodwinked The Sunday Times The largest private bank in Afghanistan, hailed as a success story by the West, was deliberately designed to help its politically well connected shareholders and executives plunder about £622m. Documents obtained by […]

EU censors jailed Afghan rape victim – and the rapist says ‘thank you’

I thought I’d flag up a story in The Times newspaper yesterday that highlights how far the rights of Afghan women have slipped down the agenda in Afghanistan. One of the justifications for going to war in 2001 was to “free the Afghan women” from the “barbaric” Taliban. Despite this pledge, little has changed for […]