The Sunday Times – MOST of us feel a primeval urge to kill when confronted with a fly buzzing incessantly against a windowpane. But Jason Drew, a British entrepreneur, believes the humble housefly could hold the key to feeding the world’s burgeoning population. He is about to start what he calls the “largest farming operation […]

The Sunday Times – THE battle for the Nigerian presidency threatened to turn violent yesterday after reports that elections scheduled to take place this Saturday could be delayed by six weeks. President Goodluck Jonathan is believed to have put pressure on the electoral commission to delay the poll. The move was ostensibly to give the […]

The Sunday Times – PUMPING billions of cubic metres of water into a vanishing African lake sounds like a fanciful way of weakening one of the world’s most brutal terrorist groups.

The Sunday Times – THERE are few animals on earth who have a slimmer chance of finding love than 40-year-old Sudan — the only male northern white rhinoceros in the world.

The Sunday Times – FIFTY-FOUR Nigerian soldiers are facing the death penalty for refusing to fight Boko Haram militants amid signs that the military is struggling to cope with the threat posed by the Islamist group.