Monthly Archives: July 2010

Taliban behead interpreters in bid to halt Nato offensive

The Sunday Times The Taliban gunmen drove into the bazaar last Saturday in a three-car convoy. Tyres screeched as the vehicles skidded to a halt outside a shop where eight Afghan interpreters working for the US army were packing newly bought fruit into plastic bags. The Taliban levelled assault rifles at their heads and ordered […]

Nato alarm over Taliban sleepers

The Sunday Times The killing of three British soldiers by an Afghan comrade last week has intensified Nato concern that Taliban fighters may be infiltrating Afghanistan’s army in growing numbers. An Afghan sergeant shot dead a sleeping British officer and launched a rocket-propelled grenade that killed two other soldiers. British and Afghan military intelligence searching […]

Taliban hitlist petrifies Kandahar

The Sunday Times When the Taliban hammered on Haji Abdul Haideri’s door at 1am, he naturally refused to let them in. They responded by lobbing a hand grenade over a mud wall into his courtyard. Shrapnel tore into his leg. Haideri, a frail old man of 70, picked himself off the ground and grabbed his […]