Monthly Archives: December 2011

US soldier recaptured by Taliban after three days on the run

The Sunday Times A failed escape attempt by the only American soldier held by the Taliban has left him facing his third Christmas in captivity. Bowe Bergdahl, 25, from Idaho, made a daring break for freedom by jumping from the first-floor window of the mud-and-brick home in which he was being held in Pakistan, say […]

Murky death of MI6 ally who paid Linda Norgrove’s abductor

The Sunday Times The burly figure of Sabar Lal, a 49-year-old gem dealer with a salt and pepper beard, loomed in the arched doorway of his home. Facing him in the garden, a team of US special forces and Afghan commandos levelled their assault rifles. As helicopters buzzed overhead, five bullets fired from one of […]

Pakistan approved deadly US airstrike

By Nicci Smith and Miles Amoore The Sunday Times Pakistan gave the go-ahead to American airstrikes last weekend that inadvertently killed 24 of their own troops, according to new claims from US officials. The account is the latest twist in the blame game surrounding the worst friendly fire incident in the history of the 10-year […]