Monthly Archives: September 2010

‘Hang in there, man – talk about your baby’

The Sunday Times The blast from the mine tore into the American soldier’s body, tossing him backwards through the air like a rag doll. He spun in mid-flight and thumped onto a dirt path 20ft away. Silence descended for a moment as a large brown cloud of dust settled over his comrades where they crouched […]

Brainwashed teen reveals Taliban split over suicide bombs

The Sunday Times By the time the teenage Taliban member had completed his training as a suicide bomber and reached the 30-strong fighting unit to which he had been assigned, he was so indoctrinated that all he could think about was killing himself and taking as many infidels with him as possible. Changing location every […]

British soldiers suspected of heroin trafficking ring

The Sunday Times Detectives are investigating a suspected heroin trafficking ring among British soldiers serving in Afghanistan. The inquiry centres on British and Canadian troops based at Camp Bastion and Kandahar, the two main airports ferrying military personnel in and out of the country. Army chiefs are so concerned that they have ordered an increase […]