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Blinded boy’s father killed by Israeli tank shells

The Sunday Times – A week ago two Israeli tank shells left eight-year-old Mohammed Badran half blind. Yesterday an Israeli warplane dropped a bomb that killed his father.

‘We were dying anyway. What else could we do but fight?’

The Sunday Times – Despite the devastation in Gaza, Hamas fighters are being hailed as heroes by Palestinians who were already living in poverty and squalor

Inside the labyrinth

The Sunday Times – Centuries of engineering know-how have gone into the tunnels that delivery Hamas fighters into enemy territory. Why has it take Israel so long to attack them?

‘Be grateful you lost just five – 14 of mine are gone’

The Sunday Times – THEY found one dismembered body dangling from the edge of a partially destroyed room on the second floor of a building gutted by an Israeli tank shell.

Kew’s Great Green Wall to hold back Saharan terror

The Sunday Times – IT IS A long way from Kew Gardens to the southern edges of the Sahara desert. Yet scientists from the botanical garden are helping to plant a 5,000-mile wall of trees across Africa.

Archbishop’s friend in secret talks to free Nigerian girls

(The Sunday Times) By Dipesh Gadher and Miles Amoore – A FRIEND of the Archbishop of Canterbury has been working secretly to help to free the Nigerian schoolgirls who have been kidnapped by Boko Haram extremists.

Smellie the Elephant is top mine detector

(The Sunday Times) THEIR sense of smell is one of the most powerful of any mammal. Now African elephants are being trained to sweep for landmines and detect explosives.