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Taliban mines and assassinations disrupt transition in Lashkar Gah

The Sunday Times Their faces concealed with chequered scarves, the Taliban assassins found Haji Zahir Arian sitting on cushions in the living room of a friend’s house. They wasted no time in striking a blow against peace. The first hitman to enter the small room raised his rifle and loosed off four rounds as Arian, […]

Rise of the Taliban’s kneecap commanders

The Sunday Times The young Taliban commander with a penchant for severing spies’ heads with strands of thin wire dragged 28 of his foot soldiers from a makeshift jail and lined them up against a mud wall at his base. Pacing along the row of handcuffed men, the fresh-faced 21-year-old — surrounded by bodyguards — […]

Taliban hitlist petrifies Kandahar

The Sunday Times When the Taliban hammered on Haji Abdul Haideri’s door at 1am, he naturally refused to let them in. They responded by lobbing a hand grenade over a mud wall into his courtyard. Shrapnel tore into his leg. Haideri, a frail old man of 70, picked himself off the ground and grabbed his […]