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Notes on a revolution

The Sunday Times The memories will live for ever. The screaming 64-year-old woman castigating a group of young Libyan rebels for their cowardice as they sheltered from sniper fire outside her front door. The motorcyclist wearing a T-shirt with Barack Obama’s face on it, an assault rifle slung nonchalantly over his shoulder as he sped […]

MI5 spied on Libya torture victims

The Sunday Times MI5 asked Colonel Muammar Gadaffi’s secret services for regular updates on what terrorist suspects were revealing under interrogation in Libyan prisons, where torture was routine. The security service also agreed to trade information with Libyan spymasters on 50 British-based Libyans judged to be a threat to Gadaffi’s regime. The disclosures come from […]

Ministers wanted Prince Andrew to cosy up to Gadaffi

The Sunday Times Ministers wanted Prince Andrew to help persuade Colonel Gadaffi not to “exact vengeance” on Britain if the Lockerbie bomber died in a Scottish prison. Secret papers seen by The Sunday Times reveal that the Duke of York’s relationship with the dictator was seen as a key plank in a strategy to facilitate […]

Storming Tripoli

The Sunday Times Six months ago Mehdi al-Harati, an Arabic teacher, said goodbye to his wife and four children in Dublin and went off to war. Last week I was alongside him and his men — many of them from Britain — as they prepared to storm the Bastille of the Libyan revolution. In quick […]

I was shot in the head and survived

The Sunday Times The bullet clanged into my helmet, smacking the Kevlar into the left side of my skull and throwing me to the ground. The shock of being floored by something I couldn’t see confused me: it took a few seconds to realise I’d been hit in the head. I could hear a metallic […]

Onslaught on oil town tightens noose on Tripoli

The Sunday Times The sniper’s bullet sliced into Musab Shawish’s thigh as the rebel fighter rammed another magazine clip into his assault rifle. The 26-year-old student crumpled to the ground among the empty bullet casings strewn across the rebel-controlled road junction in the centre of Zawiya. Still able to move despite his wound, Shawish rolled […]

Gadaffi’s men raped me, she cried – then they dragged her away

The Sunday Times Despite the brutality of the regime, one woman yesterday was prepared to risk everything to get her message out to the wider world. As foreign journalists sat down to breakfast in a Tripoli hotel, a well-dressed Libyan woman in her thirties charged into the dining room, crying out that Gadaffi’s militiamen had […]