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British maggot farmer burrows into problem of world hunger

The Sunday Times – MOST of us feel a primeval urge to kill when confronted with a fly buzzing incessantly against a windowpane. But Jason Drew, a British entrepreneur, believes the humble housefly could hold the key to feeding the world’s burgeoning population. He is about to start what he calls the “largest farming operation […]

Smellie the Elephant is top mine detector

(The Sunday Times) THEIR sense of smell is one of the most powerful of any mammal. Now African elephants are being trained to sweep for landmines and detect explosives.

ANC trembles as firebrand stirs fury of the township

The Sunday Times – SPORTING a bright red jump suit and his red revolutionary beret, Julius Malema arrived at the stadium in Witbank, a gritty coal mining town two hours east of Johannesburg, to wild cheers from the crowd.