‘They have condemned me to death’ (Afghan interpreter’s letter to David Cameron)

Dear Sir David Cameron,

I have served in the British army and the British foreign office as an interpreter for five and half years. As a result, I have received death threats from the Taliban. My brother was nearly assassinated and the Taliban fired a rocket at my house as a warning. Many times insurgents have threatened to kill me and my family. I tried to tell the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Helmand about my life being in danger. But they ignored me.

Two weeks ago, the PRT officials told me I could no longer work for them because they wanted to cut their budget in Helmand. They said the threats to my life were not their problem because I no longer worked for them and so they were no longer responsible for what happens to me. I lost my job a few days after I gave an interview with Sunday Times, highlighting my troubles.

The PRT has treated me like a person who has never worked for her majesty’s government. It took them two hours to get rid of me from the base in Helmand despite the dangers they knew I will face if I return home.

I risked my life for British forces and the British government. I believed in making a difference in Afghanistan on behalf of the British. Yet how do they repay me? They took my job, which means they repay me by sending me to die at the hands of the Taliban. I feel like they have condemned me to death.

I am frightened, alone and in hiding. I cannot leave my house to find a job because of the fear. I beg you sir to help me and my young family escape the death that waits for us. No amount of money can change the dangers that face us if we stay in Afghanistan.

I would be forever grateful if you would help me on behalf of the British people. Thank you for listening.

Yours Sincerely,

Wahidullah Noori

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  1. John MorganFCA · · Reply

    I have written to 10 Downing Street and William Hague concerning this man’s situation which is both intolerable and disgraceful. Foreign Office making noises about resettling 600 (?!?) Afghani interpreters in UK.
    Is this true?
    Is Wahidullah Noori amongst them?
    This guy, (and his family), have loyally served the British cause in Afghanistan and must under no circumstances be allowed to be abandoned to the Taliban and God alone knows what retribution.
    Please join the crusade to get this young fellow and his family brought to safety in UK.

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