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Scramble to save rhino subspecies down to its last male

The Sunday Times – THERE are few animals on earth who have a slimmer chance of finding love than 40-year-old Sudan — the only male northern white rhinoceros in the world.

Chasing girls not lions – the Maasai olympics

The Sunday Times – TO WIN the attention of girls some young men in Britain might consider lifting weights, flashing their money or buying a fancy motorbike. Not young Maasai warriors in Kenya: they kill lions.

Is troubled Lamu a paradise lost?

The Sunday Times – It went from hippie haven to celebrity playground, but the Kenyan island kept its charm. Can it survive the twin threats of terrorism and development?

Kenya ‘bent on frenzy of revenge’

(Sunday Times) By Flora Bagenal and Miles Amoore – KENYAN officials have been accused of using hit squads to eliminate suspected terrorists, following a drive-by shooting of a prominent Muslim cleric in Mombasa last week.